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ummah apk

The term innovative is often overused. Most new ideas and concepts are not innovative, and it takes a special design to make them such.

Ummah Technologies, however, has created a mobile application that truly defines every aspect of the word, “innovative.” The app is named Ummah, and what makes it innovative is the ability for a single app to everything for all Muslims.

The Ummah app is an interactive platform. It combines the ability to be a social media app with the religious needs of active Muslims obedient to Allah. It is here that Muslims can interact with others of similar backgrounds. Muslims can communicate, build a profile, and create contacts and friend similar brothers and sisters by integrating Ummah with their favorite social media sites, such as Facebook, and Instagram. In the future, Ummah intends to develop a Muslim marketplace, which will be a way to sell and buy goods between Muslims. There will also be a way to interact with buyers and sellers to seek out other products.

But that’s not all. The Ummah App provides the opportunity to dedicate one’s life to halal and the teachings of the Quran. No other app does all this. Here users can also merge prayer requirements with daily content on the life of Allah, including inspirational passages from the Quran. This will keep Ummah visitors coming back over and over because the content is updated and changed every day. The features on Ummah include a directional finder, based on the user’s location, that will inform them which direction they need to turn in order to pray. The worldwide clock identifies what time users should pray as well. Rarely can one app give provide all these features the way Ummah can?

The goal of the app is not only to provide companionship and promote the halal way but to link Muslim followers with the basics of Islam, as well as connect them to other Muslim members that need the same.

Ummah is created by Muslims for Muslims. It will keep visitors coming back, especially with the Social Media connections and hopefully using the features for finding prayer directions and reading the inspirations from the Quran. The app will keep visitors informed on new features that are added to the app every week, especially right before this year’s Ramadan festivities. Ummah is not only a great place to meet other brothers and sisters, but it will keep Muslims inspired. And it is exciting and enjoyable to use.

Ummah App Information

App NameUmmah
DeveloperUmmah Technologies
Version1.9.9 (Latest)
Format FileAPK

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