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PubiwayLiker APK

PubiwayLiker is another best Facebook Liker free for Android smartphones and tablets. Every Facebook users know better than Facebook is one of the best social media. That allowed users to share images, photo, videos, and other statuses. After all of social sharing, you wait for the response of your friend toward your status. A few people are getting a stunning reaction from companions and followers and a few people are not getting enough reaction. The users who are not getting an amazing reaction from others are using alternative ways to demonstrate some social identity of them. Those alternate ways are Auto liker apps Such as Pubiwayliker APK.

This Auto Liker App is developed by the Indonesian developers. That is the reason Pubiwayliker is also called Indonesia Auto Liker App. Essentially, this is an automatic Android application. That enables you to expand the number of likes reactions, and comments of your Facebook photographs and videos. This is not the same as other Auto Liker Apps because this application has some best features. Other Popular Fb Auto Liker Apps are getting likes from irregular people groups. If you are utilizing the Pubiwayliker application you can get likes from a particular nation. This is the most well-known feature of this application which makes it a best and the most mainstream auto Liker applications just like Machine Liker APK for Facebook users.


  • Free Facebook Liker application.
  • Comfortable with all Android versions.
  • Give you Likes, comments, and reactions.
  • One of the best Facebook Liker application.
  • 100% protected and secure application.
  • Simple and easy for using.
  • Lite Facebook Liker application.
  • Much essential application.
  • Free download and Install
  • Download Free for Android

How to Use

Pubiwayliker is a simple application that’s why every Android user easily handles it. You simply need to download the APK file and install it appropriately on your Android device to run it. Basically, sign in to this application by using your account details and create an access token. Use your token to get to the tools. Select photographs or video where you need to expand likes.

Download PubiwayLiker

Pubiwayliker is working just on open photographs and your age must be more than 18 to utilize it. You have to set your FB profile privacy open to the public since this application is expanding likes from those people groups who don’t include with you. So you should enable users to follow you. Now you are going to download Pubiwayliker APK file. The download link is below the page. Just tap on the download button.

Download PubiwayLiker


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