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Game Tuner APK v3.4.04 Free Downlaod for Android

Game Tuner is an Android application that allows Android user to change Resolution and Frame per second setting in Android games. Actually, this application developed for saving mobile battery. How? Control your games’ resolution, frame rate, and texture quality. Upgrade performance of Android games, play longer by lessening battery utilization and limit application refresh by decreasing memory use. This application performs the best task that every Android user want to see in Game Hacker APK application. for example, Simply move gaming conditions with custom game modes. With 5 essential game modes, you can include/remove custom modes to control each game in an unexpected way. Changing game mode is extremely simple with the Game Tuner APK.  Let’s Download the latest version of this application from here. Almost all Android versions support this application.

The Game Tuner App has to need GameMode in your Android device. So you can Install or Update GameMode through this application. Just you have to click on the Pop-up notification that appears when Game Tuner is open. If you have disabled GameMode, Game Tuner will not work. Please keep GameMode enabled while using this application.

Features of Game Tuner APK

  • The main features of this application that you can change the graphics quality of the games. The resolution, frames per second
  • It enables to customize setting of every Android game
  • A variety of convenient game features
  • Save Battery power
  • Regarding app access permissions
  • Free Download for Android smartphones and tablets
  • You can get furthermore information, See Youtube Tutorial

By utilizing this application, an Android user will be anything but difficult to change the reality of the game. The application will be a partner to re-set the detail of game resolution every second and the nature of the surface. By this element, the game could be decreased and it will be run better on the smartphone.

The basic issue in playing the game is the temperature of the phone getting to be more sizzling. Here, this application is helpful to control the warmth. By utilizing this application, you can decrease the warmth, so the phone will be more steady and could run extremely well. By some best feature, Game Tuner APK for Android could be utilized to help you in settling the phone when playing the game.

App Information

App Name Game Tuner
Category Tool
App version 3.4.04
App size 5 MB
Supported Android version Android 4.0+ and up
Download Link Download


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