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Clash of Kings Download

Clash of Kings Download Free for Android. It is a real-time strategy game in which you conquer all the lands nearby you. In this, you build-up empire, recruit the army, train them up and build the defense to become the sole emperor. It is an online game, you can join hands with the other online player, and attack on other kings, but it would not be that easy to attack the capital of a king. Instead, in starting you need to choose some wonderer monsters to demolish. So, “Clash of Kings” is a game for those who love to play RPG games- in this you need to be fully involved. The game needs your full attention.

You learn so much by attacking someone and by sheltering your people if someone attacks you. So, Clash of Kings Download for Android device. It is really an impressive game to play- as the game is divided into little things- Those little things which look tiny but are the most important when you are going to fight. In this epic King war game, you will get different things like buildings, blocks, libraries, farms, and barracks. The concept of offering such things is really superb, it seems like you need to handle all these things in the capital of the city.  Like you are given a mine, from where you need to dig gold to run your economy. In barracks, you can require the army, and train them to be ready for bad times.


  • Art of War Strategy Competition
  • Build your city and prepare for action
  • Multiplayer PVP war battles online
  • MMO universe with massive online battles
  • Build strong alliances with others
  • Real-time strategy and resource management
  • Amazing 3D MMO battles
  • Additionally Features

And in libraries, you can teach the kids and other soldiers how to build the weapons and other objectives. The game needed a strategy, like if you have made up all the stuff like you have trained the army, and have dug golds and build up the weapons. So you should start expanding your land by attacking the nearby lands. For this, in “Clash of Kings “Android game, you can use the General map and get to know where you should start fighting.

Clash of Kings uses Dragon to enhance the abilities and to conquer the other empires. Do not forget it is an online multi-player game. You can add a friend to the game add up the power to conquer other powerful empires. So, download the game from the given Download link. So, tap the download button on and get the APK file on your phone. Furthermore, the information you can get from here

App Information

App NameClash of Kings
App version
App size98 MB
Supported Android versionAndroid 4.0+ and up
Download LinkDownload

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