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Apental Calc is an Android application that provides auto likes to the Facebook photo. As you know that Facebook is the most famous social media. The billions of user connect to this networking site and a number of users increasing day by day. Facebook users daily update their status with new photos, Videos, and another status. The Apental Calc is a social tool that offers unlimited likes on the photo, video, and other statuses.  That you share on your Facebook profile. Apentalcalc is the most useful Auto Liker that easily increases likes, Comments, as well as reactions on your Facebook photo.

Facebook is the giant of social media, billions of people use to come online and chat with their friends, family, and other colleges. On the other hand, the biggest impact of Social media on big brands, they find a gateway to connect with their customers and readers. The traveling of information has become more fast and easier. You can easily send links, images, share posts, and tag each other to convey your message, to share the favorite moment of you. But, in these days, thy who does not use Social media on regular basis. It does not hold good numbers in friend list, cannot get good numbers on his/her images, posts and shares. And it is quite disrespecting when you share something and people do not interact with that content. In that scenario, we bring the most famous application in the niche Apental Calc APK.

It is really among one of that application which really provides what a user need. Like, if you want to get likes on your images, posts, status you can get, if you want to get favorable comments on your content, get it- even the app provides shares of your content.

Features of Apental Calc

Apental Calc is the most using social application that provides real and instant likes to your Facebook photo. So, today we are going to share its useful features like an Auto Liker App. Such as you have used v2.50 it was really nice but now its latest version v2.52 comes with the user-friendly feature that’s known as additional features let’s explain it’s additionally featured.

  • Get Free likes on your Facebook posts, Status, and photos.
  • Anyone can use it to get instant likes.
  • Get likes on photos of any Facebook profile/page.
  • Simple UI interface makes this user-friendly.
  • 100% Free and easy to use
  • Free Download for Android Operating System

How to get auto likes using Apental Calc auto Liker?

  • The use of Apental Class is easier compare to the other auto Liker application. Like, to get the right use of the app- you will no longer be generating codes, or pasting the code into the mentioned area.
  • Just launch the application on your phone, and provide the email ID and password
  • Recent images what you have uploaded to your Facebook account will be shown there.
  • You just select the image on which you are desired to get impressions
  • Provide the number of likes and tap on the submit button. You will get free likes on your Facebook image
  • Once you have logged into your account using ApentalCalc, afterward to get impressions you will not go through the process all over again.

Apental Calc APK Latest Version 2.52

The Auto Liker developers released it’s 2.50 version to the Facebook user. With the passage of time, old features not friendlier proved. So, that’s why the Author of Apental Calc release the new version in 2018. As the users know better Facebook concentrate in our lives if we get popularity on social media network. More impression, maximum likes, and have thousands number of positive comments are the part of your popularity. If the user felt that he/she not getting popularity on Facebook then you have some weak points. Apental Calc New version is a great concept for them if you really want to get responses on social media. So, use the new version that automatically gets unlimited likes on your Facebook photo, people also feel proud when they visit your profile. The new version is recommended for the users to increase the number of likes, Reactions, and comments.

Apental as a Facebook Auto Liker

Millions of the users getting likes on Facebook by using Apental Calc. So, that the user knows as a Facebook Auto Liker basically it provides a number of likes to your facebook photo.  Apental increases their online popularity among Facebook friends. Recently the developers update Apental free for the Facebook user the main purpose of ApentalCalc is to provide free likes for Facebook timeline post. Get impressions and a large number of likes on a post day by day, because the apental calc is most celebrated applications.

The world people give a great response to social media and spend precious time on social media. Every user uses it for different purposes like some of the people used for entertainment, and some are to grow up their business. So the people show their talent as well as the businessman advertising their product on social media that’s we called social media is open source. Become popular on any social media that is very difficult but now not. You can use Apental Calc it is also known as a Facebook Auto Liker that easily increases the number of likes on your photo.

Download Apental Calc APK Free for Android Device

Download Apental Calc FB Auto Liker APK Free for Android smartphones and tablets.  In this post, we have shared the true download link let’s click on the download button and get its Apk file. If the download link does not work properly then you can contact us directly. Sometimes you face difficulties in using the tool or its features. If you face such kind of difficulty then mention the issue in the comment box our team will take notice of this, and will update the link soon.

Apental Calc is the Free tool using on Facebook it doesn’t get any charges or not force you to invalid clicks. In our website, you found great Auto liker App which is free for you and Apental is also from them. Now share these auto liker Apps with your friends and family they get more impressions on Facebook.

So, download ApentalCalc APK from the given download link, and install it on your phone.
If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section, we will update the link. Furthermore, information read the article.

App Information

App Name Apental Calc
Category Social
App version
App size 4 MB
Supported Android version Android 4.0+ and up
Download Link Download
Rating [kkstarratings]

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